Le Wagon Teaches Brazilians How To Code


This French guy is teaching people in Brazil how to code.

“Hi, my name is Matthieu Le Roux. I’m the co-founder of Le Wagon Brasil. We’re a coding boot camp school where we teach how to create web applications based on Ruby, HTML, CSS”

Brazil’s economic crisis has forced many people to broaden their skill set.

“A lot of people with the crisis have started to question what they were doing before and going digital is a clever way to rethink your process.”

30% of Le Wagon’s coders around the world have launched their own startups

Which soon may be the case for many more Brazilians

Tamara: “there seem to be many different standards that you can use and it’s actually not as scary as I thought.”

Lucas: “I work in marketing and learning basic coding skills helps a lot in the day to day” “who knows maybe one day I’ll launch my own project once I start coding better.”

In fact, Brazilians are pretty good at coding. So what makes Brazilians such great coders?

“You need to be creative and social. Basicallym you create stuff that people are gonna use. Brazil is definitely a very vibrant society where people interact a lot and also very creative”