São Paulo's Mayor João Doria Declares War on Graffiti - plus55


São Paulos new mayor started painting over the citys vibrant street art as part of his campaign to make the city beautiful” again. Some applauded the removal of graffiti, others lamented it, expressing their rejection of the campaign with fresh tags: Just because your life has no color dont erase ours.

Only days later, Mayor Doria admitted that hed made the city too gray.” He has announced a plan to pay street artists to repaint the city. Doria, however, kept his promise to prosecute the citys taggers, known by locals as “pichadores.”

Mayors in the past have put radical bans on street tags ..But hard as Mayor Doria may try, street artists and pichadores often go hand in hand.

Graffiti and tags are São Paulos signature – and these guys are here to spray.