The Globeleza Muse And Brazil's "Acceptable Blackness" - plus55


For 26 years, Brazil’s leading TV channel, Globo, Has had a “muse” for the Carnival: Globeleza. Until 2017, it consisted of a black woman dancing, and wearing nothing but glittery body paint.

This year, however, the muse is different. She is not naked and shares the stage with other people.

While many praise the changes, some African-Brazilian groups point out that the Globeleza remains a hyper-sexualized black woman.

But this is hardly the only controversy surrounding Carnival’s queen.

In 2014, Globo promoted a popular vote to choose a new Globeleza. Nayara Justino won the competition but was later deemed “too black” for the part.

Following the attacks, Globo didn’t renew her contract. By curiously stating that she just didn’t “fit the character description.”

However, the station claims that the decision was made only on artistic merit.