São Paulo Preschool Offers Yoga And Meditation To Children - plus55


A preschool located in a São Paulo favela offers daily meditation sessions and yoga classes to 111 children of up to 4 years of age. The results are fantastic. (via Zommin.TV)

“We try a different approach. A positive one. We make them feel love and let them express their feelings and emotions. We want to hear them and give them more attention,” says Juscelina, the director of the Ananda Marga Center. The school’s educators believe that 80 percent of a person’s intelligence is developed during infancy. That’s why they are so preoccupied in providing a welcoming and safe place.

The Ananda Marga Center believes that yoga and meditation help the kids stay calm and more open to the “regular” classes. The center also provides full-time daycare where the kids learn to express themselves. Each student spends 10 hours per day in the preschool, from 7 am to 5 pm. Besides yoga and meditation, the kids also have a vegetarian diet. Through health and relaxation, the Ananda Marga Center hopes to create citizens conscient of their role in the Brazilian society.

The school is located in Jardim Peri, a low-income neighborhood in Northern São Paulo.

It is part of a global network called Ananda Marga – which is focused on “self-realization.” Social service – like the daycare center for low-income families – is one of the pillars of that philosophy.