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Maceió Brazil, a coastal “paradise of waters”

Maceió is the capital of northeastern state Alagoas
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Maceió Brazil is a city with many nicknames. Some call this northeastern capital the “smiling city”, perhaps for the welcoming nature of its locals. The Alagoas state capital is famous for its beautiful sandbanks and Caribbean feel. But, thankfully for us, it hasn’t yet attracted the throngs of tourists otherwise overtaking Brazilian cities like Rio or Salvador.

Known as a “paradise of waters”, the coastal city boasts dozens of picturesque beaches. Palm trees line these enclaves bordered with soft sands. Tourists can visit the Mirante de São Gonçalo, a lookout over the city and the crystal blue ocean.

If by some miracle visitors get tired of the beach, they can check out the artisanal fair of Pajuçara. Located along the ocean, the fair features local crafts and clothing from the region.

Fishing aficionados can try their luck at the Lake Mundaú. The lagoon connects to the Atlantic through a network of canals, which then form nine little islands. The town’s namesake comes from the tupi-guarani word “maçayó“, meaning “to cover the marsh”, which describes the archipelago of islands connecting the sea to the lake.

Nearby destinations

For those who want to experience multiple destinations at once, Maceió is short bus ride away from the beaches of Porto de Galinhas. Voted as the best beaches in Brazil, they feature natural pools with transparent, blue waters. From there, tourists can also travel to the beautiful cities of Recife and Olinda.