9 Brazilian Beaches Among The World's Best Sustainable Tourism Spots

9 Brazilian Beaches Among The World’s Best Sustainable Tourism Spots

There are world-renowned sustainable beaches in every region of Brazil
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The international jury of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) announced the winners of the Blue Flag program this month. In fact, among the top tourism spots this year are 9 Brazilian beaches. The socio-environmental criteria for prize-winning tourism spots also includes water quality, cleanliness, environmental actions and sustainable tourism. The jury, based in Copenhagen, assessed tourism sites from across the world.

Brazil’s nine chosen beaches

  1. Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, in Salvador, Bahia
  2. Praia do Tombo, in Guarujá
  3. Marinas Nacionais, in Guarujá
  4. Prainha de Grumari, in Rio de Janeiro
  5. Costabella Bay, in Angra dos Reis
  6. Praia Grande, in Governor Celso Ramos (SC)
  7. Praia Palmas, in Governor Celso Ramos (SC)
  8. Santa Catarina Yacht Club, in Florianópolis
  9. Peri Lake Beach, in Florianópolis

You can also take a look at the beaches in these stunning photos. So, who’s now planning their trip to Brazil?