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Built in the 1880s, the Serra Verde Express is an astonishing geographical feat
Brazil Tourism

The Serra Verde Express takes adventurers on a three-hour, 100 km journey across oceanside mountains topped with lush Atlantic rainforest.

The epic train journey starts in Brazil’s most environmentally friendly city, Curitiba. The train ride throughout the surrounding nature is a perfect opportunity for tourists of the “green capital” to expand their visit. In addition, the train offers luxury cars with an open bar and plush leather sofas.

Built in the 1880s, the Serra Verde Express is truly an engineering marvel, as it winds through the mountains with ease. Passengers ride across 30 bridges and through over a dozen tunnels.

Sights Along the Way

Memorable stops along the way include the idyllic town of Morretes. Here, tourists can enjoy a meal of barreado, a hearty beef stew unique to the state of Paraná.

The last stop on the train is in the historical city of Paranaguá. Tourists can then venture out to Honey Island to enjoy the calm beach and watch the colorful boats at bay.

A one-way adult ticket costs 85 BRL.  The full luxury tourist package, including lunch, hotel fare, and guided tours, goes for 328 BRL.

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