São Paulo Christmas Lights Up With Santa Buses, Free Concerts - plus55


Tourists and locals in São Paulo for Christmas can enjoy free city bus tours on its Santa Caravan and concerts open to the public
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Tourists and locals can take their pick of fun holiday activities to enjoy a true São Paulo Christmas.

“Santa Caravans”

Over 30 transit buses have been covered in lights and provide free rides across the city. These “Santa Caravans” take off from the Praça Charles Miller (Estádio do Pacaembu) every 15 minutes starting at 7PM. The colorful buses take passengers on an hour-long trip across the city’s main attractions, down the Avenida Paulista where Christmas decorations line the city’s main street. Also, the bus stops at the Parque do Ibirapuera for a 30-minute break for passengers to visit and take pictures with the 35-meters-tall Christmas tree.

Also, for those with kids, the bus drivers dress up in Santa costumes! Even more fun, “Operation Christmas” flashes as the bus’s destination. To illustrate, here’s a video of the Santa Caravans honking their way down Avenida Paulista.

Project “Enlightened Christmas”

In addition, the Ministry of Culture has teamed up with the São Paulo Commercial Association (ACSP) to bring a week-long agenda of free concerts and shows to the city. The cultural initiative “Enlightened Christmas” (“Natal Iluminado”) features theater, live music, and dance performances. What’s more, they’re even bringing the circus. Shows are happening daily in shopping malls and churches across the city.

The agenda goes from the 17th of December up until Christmas day. You can check out the schedule on the ACSP website: http://nataliluminado.acsp.com.br/.