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The sand is white, the weather is good, the water is clear and there are no huge crowds
Brazil Tourism

Back in 1994, the Washington Post ranked the northeastern beach of Jericoacoara as one of the best in the world. While it may have changed a lot over the last twenty years, it is still one of Brazil’s treasures. During the late 20th century, Jericoacoara was a fishermen’s village. Since then, the place has developed more infrastructure but managed to preserve the qualities that charmed the Post.

One of the reasons for Jericoacoara not becoming too mainstream is its isolated location. The 300km between the beach and Fortaleza, the regional capital of the state of Ceará, are driven in no fewer than five hours – and the final 20km can only be taken in 4×4 jeeps. It is well worth it, though.

Jericoacoara is a cozy beach, with no paved roads and strict environmental protection laws. Since 2002, Jericoacoara has been considered a national park for forest preservation. The word Jericoacoara comes from the indigenous Tupi language, and means “house of turtles.”

Jericoacoara has 320 days of sunlight per year, and an average temperature of 30˚C.

Due to the massive presence of foreign tourists, there is no shortage of culinary options to please all varieties of taste. The range of hotel options is also quite diverse, with options for all budgets. No matter where you decide to stay, it’s impossible to be far from the action. Take a look at some pictures below.