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You’ve probably never heard of this amazing location in the heart of the Amazon
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The coastline of Brazil measures almost 7,500 kilometers, and there is certainly no shortage of amazingly beautiful beaches. Some of the most famous ones, like Ipanema, have been immortalized in songs and movies. But which of Brazil’s beach is best? Well, according to a growing number of people, including journalists from British newspaper The Guardian, Brazil’s best beach is not even on the coast.

Alter do Chão is located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, some 30km from the city of Santarém. According to The Guardian, it is “the jungle’s answer to the Caribbean.” This river beach, nicknamed “Love Island,” is a strip of land surrounded by the transparent waters of the Tapajós River. Brazil’s best beach exists only during the Amazon’s drought season. The lack of rain lowers the level of the Tapajós waters, thus creating a sandpit that is perfect for tourists. White sand and placid warm fresh waters compose the landscape.

Unlike most of the Amazon region, Alter do Chão is not infested with mosquitoes. Prices are not as prohibitive as they are in some of Brazil’s other tourist destinations. An excellent fish meal can cost under $4.

Portuguese missionaries founded the municipality of Alter do Chão in the 17th century. Early in the 20th century, the rubber boom brought prosperity to the region. With time, though, the region experienced economic hardship. Over the last few years, tourism has reinvigorated the town.