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Neymar is the best-paid young athlete in the world

Footballing legend Neymar is the best-paid athlete under 25 years of age in the entire world, according to a new list released by Forbes
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Neymar is the world’s best-paid young athlete, according to Forbes magazine. The media company has just released its list of the highest-paid athletes in the world under 25 years old.

Earning an estimated $37 million at just 25 years of age, Forbes put Brazilian footballing megastar Neymar at the top of their list. The magazine also revealed that Neymar is the only footballer on the list to earn more from his sponsorship deals than his sporting contract.

Neymar currently has four different sponsorship deals with international brands as well as playing for Barcelona and Brazil’s national team. He has contracts with Nike, Gillette, Panasonic, and Beats by Dr. Dre.

The footballer has significant social influence, too; today, he became the most followed Brazilian on Twitter. He now has approximately 30 million followers on the social media site, beating fellow footballer Kaká‘s 27.3 million.

Neymar’s troubles with the IRS

But the football player’s place on the list could add more fuel to the fire when it comes to his financial worries. After his 2013 transfer to Barcelona FC, Brazilian investment fund DIS accused Neymar of fraud along with Barcelona and Santos clubs.

Nor is this the first time that Neymar has faced fraud accusations. In March this year, he was ordered to pay $52 million in fines after Brazilian revenue authorities convicted him of tax fraud. He also dealt with similar accusations in 2012 and 2014.

Basketball dominates the list

Neymar is well ahead of the second highest-earning footballer on the Forbes list, Real Madrid’s James Rodríguez. Although Rodríguez earns an approximate $21.9 million, he’s seven places behind the Brazilian on the list.

Paul Pogba, the French-Guinean defender for Manchester United, is the only other footballer in Forbes’s top ten. Although 23-year-old golfer Jordan Spieth is in second place, earning $35.4 million, basketball players dominate Forbes’s list.

Kyrie Irving came in third on the list, with his earnings totaling just under $30 million. He’s closely followed by Anthony Davis, another basketball player earning $28.1 million. Then there’s Harrison Barnes, Bradley Beal and Andre Drummond. Meanwhile, American footballer Myles Garrett came in tenth place, with a $20.7 million salary.