Doping scandal: 7 Brazilian football players implicated

Brazilian football doping scandal: seven players implicated

According to a report from anti-doping authorities, left-back Roberto Carlos was a patient of a doctor "specialized in doping"
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Newspaper Estadão obtained documents from the Brazilian Doping Agency (ABCD) saying that seven former Brazilian football team players used forbidden substances. Among them is Roberto Carlos, a former Real Madrid left-back. The accusation originally comes from a documentary made by German television station ARD/WDR.

The film said Roberto Carlos and several other athletes were patients of Dr. Julio Cesar Alves, a physician “specialized in doping.”

The Brazilian newspaper had access to a 200-page ABCD report. According to the newspaper, ABCD sent the report to the federal prosecutors. In fact, the investigation targeted Dr. Julio Cesar Alves. He is suspected of helping athletes from different sports to use forbidden substances and cheat doping controls.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has opened an investigation into the allegations.

According to Estadão, a Brazilian track-and-field athlete who failed a 2011 doping test was a patient of Alves’. Eliane Pereira gave a statement to Brazilian anti-doping authorities admitting that she was aware of the doctor’s illegal methods. In fact, she had allegedly seen Roberto Carlos in Alves’ clinic back in 2002.

In that year, Roberto Carlos was a member of the 2002 World Cup-winning Brazilian squad that beat Germany 2-0 in the final. Also, Roberto Carlos has the second-most ever caps for the national team, with 125.


In a statement, Roberto Carlos denied any wrongdoing. “I vehemently repudiate the irresponsible accusations made by German network ARD. I also reaffirm that I never used any performance-enhancing substance,” said the player.

Moreover, Roberto Carlos said that he will sue the “persons responsible for the false accusations.”

The former defender also denied knowing Julio Cesar Alves and ever being his patient.

However, a recording shows the doctor claiming that he had treated Roberto Carlos since the left-back was 15 years old. Alves was also caught talking about strategies he uses to help athletes escape antidoping exams.