Australia 0-4 Brazil: In lackluster game, Brazil secures an easy win

Australia 0-4 Brazil: In a lackluster game, Brazil secures an easy win

Brazil didn't struggle to clinch a 0-4 shootout win against the Socceroos
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From the kickoff, it seemed like it would be a shootout. Only ten seconds of the Australia vs Brazil kickoff, and the Brazilians scored. After intercepting a pass, Giuliano passed to Diego Souza, who kicked an easy ball, but Australian keeper Langerak didn’t manage to make the save.

Despite the strong start, the Brazilians failed to impose themselves over the first half. With eight new starters in the lineup, the Brazilian national team suffered from a lack of chemistry between the players. From the team that lost 0-1 against Argentina, only Philippe Coutinho (captain), Paulinho, and Thiago Silva started today.

In the second half, the Brazilians scored three more times, with Thiago Silva (61′), Taison (74′), and Diego Souza again (90′).

The match against Australia ended Brazil’s two-game tour in Melbourne. Today’s match-up was by no means comparable to Friday’s match against Argentina. While Brazil and Argentina are bitter rivals, there’s no rivalry with Australia – a far inferior squad. The atmosphere of the stadium was also different.

On Friday, Melbourne Cricket Ground was packed, and the game didn’t seem like a mere exhibition. Today, however, more than half of the MCG seats were empty.

New players

Prior to the game, Brazilian Coach Tite said that he would use the match to observe new players. And he couldn’t be disappointed. Though the team lacked chemistry, it pulled through with hard work. Diego Souza has certainly made a case for himself scoring two times – one of which after only 10 seconds of play.

Australia 0-4 Brazil highlights

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