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Amidst legal battle, Neymar snubs Santos’ anniversary

The genius striker has, once again, generates bad buzz on social media
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Brazilian striker Neymar created yet another controversy on social media. This time, however, it wasn’t what he said on Instagram – but rather what he didn’t say. The Barcelona player chose to ignore the 105th anniversary of his former team, Santos.

The date was celebrated on Friday (April 14), but the player who guided the team to a Copa Brazil and a Copa Libertadores title, didn’t say a word about it on social media.

And that has surprised many. Neymar, of course, is known for his active presence on Instagram. Sometimes, to the detriment of his image.

In an interview to the website Esporte Interativo, Neymar defended his right not to celebrate the date. “I have no obligation to congratulate them. I’m grateful for everything they did for me, and I loved playing for Santos. But I’m not obligated to do everything they want me to do,” said the Barcelona player.

Legal issues

Almost as spectacular as his on-the-field talent is Neymar’s ability to get into trouble. Back in March, Brazilian revenue authorities convicted him of tax fraud and made him pay a $52 million fine.

In another case, a Brazilian court found him guilty of using dummy companies from 2012 to 2014. In fact, his parents controlled these companies and hid some of the money he received from Santos, Barcelona, and Nike.

A Spanish judge has accepted corruption charges against them for irregularities regarding the player’s transfer from Santos to Barcelona. Prosecutors now have ten days to ask for a trial.

The case began after the complaint of an investment group called DIS, which had the rights to 40 percent of Neymar’s transfer in 2013. DIS claims it has received a smaller compensation for the deal because Barcelona officials and Neymar’s representatives concealed part of the transfer fee.

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