Max Verstappen apologizes for racist remarks about Brazil

Max Verstappen apologizes for racist remarks about Brazil

The Dutch racer lashed at Brazilians following a problem with Felipe Massa in Bahrain
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Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen has apologized for his racist rant about Brazil. The comments came after the Red Bull driver was upset with Brazilian driver Felipe Massa, who allegedly cut in front of him during the qualifying session and ruined his lap.

“Well, he’s a Brazilian so there’s not much to discuss,” said Max Verstappen about the incident.

The comments, of course, have drawn criticism on social media, especially after Massa responded via Brazilian radio station UOL Esporte. During an interview, the Brazilian told Verstappen to “be careful” with his comments.

Massa said: “I told him earlier today, ‘Be careful with your words because you will have a Brazilian Grand Prix at the end of the year and you will have to race there. So be careful what you say.'”

Following the backlash, Max Verstappen published a post on Facebook trying to clarify his comments.

Max Verstappen at the Brazilian F1 GP

Indeed, Verstappen had a career day last year in Brazil. Starting in the 16th position, he finished the race in 3rd, despite the atrocious weather conditions in the closing stages of the race. His standout performance drew comparisons to Brazilian F1 legend Ayrton Senna.