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Brazil football feud “resolved” in courts after 30 years

And the 1987 title goes to...
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The Federal Supreme Court has finally settled a 30-year-long Brazil football feud. The popular Rio football club Flamengo had filed claims for the 1987 national championship. However, the northeastern club Sport Recife took the title at the time.

The dispute arose at the time because Brazil had two separate competing football leagues at the time. Flamengo won the breakaway competition while Sport Recife won the competition organized by the official Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

In 2011, the CBF declared both teams as ’87 champs. But Flamengo, naturally, wanted the title only for themselves. Turns out greed doesn’t feed the hungry. Brazil’s Supreme Court judges grudgingly decided on the case, rewarding the title to Sport Recife by 3 to 1.

While Flamengo’s legal team acknowledged the court’s decision with “profound respect”, the team’s Twitter account said otherwise. In a post last night, the team wrote: “On the field, on the ball, always Flamengo. Brazilian Champion of 1987.”

The Sport Club de Recife, however, remained unfazed. The northeastern team posted a picture of their trophy on Twitter, saying, “87 is, indisputably, ours. Once more.”

A different court

Despite their decision, the judges weren’t entirely happy with having to settle the dispute.

“There is no place worse than the judicial system to discuss sports,” said Justice Luis Roberto Barroso.

The message was clear: Flamengo and Sport Recife should keep their disputes on the field from now on.