Neymar Shines In Historic Barcelona Champions League Comeback


The Brazilian striker scored two goals, suffered a penalty, and had an assist in the 6-1 victory
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2017 hasn’t been kind to Barcelona. Despite holding a 1-point lead in the Spanish League, the team has dealt with many adversities. Coach Luis Enrique announced that he would not stay with the club next season. Moreover, Barcelona had been trashed by PSG on February 14 and started today’s second leg with a 0-4 disadvantage. Thanks to a remarkable performance by Neymar, however, Barça did the impossible, winning 6-1 and qualifying for the quarter-finals.

The Brazilian striker scored two goals and made the assist to the 6th and decisive goal in the game’s last minute.

With the victory, Barcelona achieved what no other club in UEFA Champions League’s history has managed to do: overcome a 4-goal deficit. The team also avoided their quickest demise in the European competition since 2007.

While the game was an instant classic, it had many controversies. Barcelona benefited from two very questionable penalties. But let’s be honest: no matter how bad the referee was, losing 6-1 was a nothing but an amazing choking effort by PSG. The team, after all, let Barça score three times in the last 10 minutes of the game.

Neymar, always great against PSG

Neymar has a history of brilliant performances against Paris Saint-Germain. And the Brazilian player did as he pleased with defenders of the Parisian club. Neymar suffered a penalty, scored two times, and gamed assistance to the decisive goal in the 95th minute.

Furthermore, Neymar scored the game’s most beautiful goal, a free kick in the 88th minute. At that moment, Barcelona was winning 3-1 and needed three goals (three!) to win, with less than 10 minutes to go. He would then score on a penalty and put Sergi Roberto in condition to make the go-ahead score.

A stellar performance from a stellar player.

Barcelona-PSG Game Highlights


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