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Brazil Coach Tite For President? 15% of Voters Say Yes

From the bench to the Presidential Palace?
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Since taking over the Brazilian national team, Coach Tite has done wonders. His squad leads the South American Qualifiers and could be the first country to clinch a World Cup berth tonight. Brazil has also the competition’s best offense and defense. Those numbers transformed Tite into one of the country’s most beloved public figures.

Enough to make him head of state? Paraná Pesquisas, a polling institute, decided to ask electors if they would vote for Tite, should be football coach run for president in 2018. In fact, for 15 percent of voters, Brazil coach Tite has what it takes to lead a government.

One month ago, the same institute held “normal” presidential polls, presenting voters only with established politicians. It’s interesting to see that names like Marina Silva, Jair Bolsonaro, and João Doria have posted lower numbers than Tite.

Indeed, the fact that 15 percent have declared they would vote for a football coach with no political experience reveals how deep the country’s representation crisis currently runs. After all, the only public record of Tite’s political actions is not very flattering for the coach.

Back in December 2015, Tite signed a petition asking for moralizing measures in Brazilian football – including the resignation of Brazil’s FA President, Marco Polo Del Nero. Just six months later, Tite accepted to work under Del Neto. And dismissed his differences with his boss. “My job is to be a coach. As a matter of fact, I have to contribute to football – that will be my legacy,” he said.

Last year, the Latinobarométro Corporation showed that only 32 percent of Brazilians believe in the country’s democratic institutions.

Tite as Brazil’s President would be a bad idea not only in terms of politics. After all, he would have to quit the national squad to lead the nation. And who would take over for him, just one year away from a World Cup?

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