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Joe Soto surprised everyone with the win
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The stars of the night were Brazil’s Victor Belfort and the American Kevin Gastelum. However, it was a preliminary fight that stole the spotlight at the latest UFC Brazil, in Fortaleza. American fighter Joe Soto won a bloody, nasty fight against Brazilian Rani Yahya.

Soto didn’t start off well. He lost the first round and took a blow to the head at the beginning of the second, which caused a terrifying cut in the side of his forehead. The referee almost ended the fight as Soto’s blood was spilling onto the floor of the octagon. Fury’s Fight Picks called it a “horror movie” cut.

But he only paused the fight for a few instants, so that the American could receive medical treatment. And, as a matter of fact, the blow ultimately swung the fight Soto’s way.  After surviving the second round, Soto pounded his opponent during the third. When the final bell rang, both fighters were gassed.

His performance earned him the win, in a unanimous judge’s decision.

Belfort vs. Gastelum

The main fight of UFC Brazil Fortaleza was by no means as impressive. Veteran Brazilian fighter Victor Belfort resisted only 3 minutes and 52 seconds against Kevin Gastelum. As it often happens in the UFC, youth beat experience.

While Belfort started off strong, he was no match for his more powerful American opponent. Once Gastelum took the fight to the ground, he was able to draw many punches against the Brazilian’s head, ending the fight in a knockout.

Belfort has one last fight left before he ends his career. He asked UFC officials to hold his farewell event in Rio de Janeiro. His record after 39 matches is 25 wins and 14 losses.