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“Neymar doesn’t fear going to jail,” says player’s staff

The Brazilian player is accused of corruption and fraud
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The corruption case involving Brazilian footballer Neymar has a new chapter. On Tuesday, a Spanish judge decided to pursue a criminal case against the Barcelona FC star. Neymar could face a 2-year prison sentence for corruption and fraud.

The case involves the player’s transfer from Santos to Barcelona. It all began after a complaint of DIS, an investment group that owned 40 percent of Neymar’s transfer fees in 2013.

DIS claims it received a smaller compensation for the deal since Barcelona officials and Neymar’s representatives concealed part of the transfer fee.

In a statement, DIS said it hopes to see Neymar behind bars. The forward and his father responded, accusing DIS of being “a bunch of greedy people.”

The Brazilian star has also said that he “does not fear going to jail.”

Neymar’s legal problems

Almost as spectacular as his on-the-field talent is Neymar’s ability to get into trouble. Back in March, Brazilian revenue authorities convicted him of tax fraud and made him pay a $52 million fine. In another case, a Brazilian court found him guilty of using dummy companies from 2012 to 2014. In fact, these companies were controlled by his parents and hid some of the money he received from Santos, Barcelona, and Nike.


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