Murdering Former Flamengo Goalkeeper Bruno Released From Prison


Bruno has served almost 7 of a 22-year sentence
Brazil Sports

Back in 2009, Bruno Fernandes de Souza was one of Brazil’s rising football stars. He had signed a pre-contract to play for AC Milan, which would pay his team, Flamengo, 8 million euros. One year later, Bruno was behind bars for having “meticulously calculated” the murder of a former mistress who mothered a child of his. Incarcerated since 2010, Bruno has been released from prison today.

A Supreme Court Justice has granted the 32-year-old former footballer the right to appeal his sentence in liberty. While Bruno received a 22-year sentence, his case remains open. In Brazil, one only goes to jail after a court of appeals confirms a conviction. Bruno’s case, however, has never been reexamined since the first trial.

His lawyers argued that it represented “an anticipation of punishment,” and convinced Justice Marco Aurélio Mello.

Remember the case

Bruno met the aspiring model and porn actress Eliza Samudio, with whom he went out for a brief moment, at a party in 2008. Days after they broke up, Samudio revealed she was pregnant – something that Bruno didn’t receive well.

In 2009, the young woman filed two lawsuits against Bruno – one to make him recognize the paternity of her child, and another for assault. Eliza Samudio said that Bruno and two other men forced her to take abortive pills. Abortions, of course, are illegal in Brazil. Eliza and Bruno’s son was born in February 2010.

In June of that same year, the former Flamengo player lured Samudio to Rio de Janeiro, promising her a flat and hefty alimony payments. Bruno had instead planned on murdering Samudio with the help of a few close friends. The whereabouts of her body remain a mystery.

Last year, the player’s brother told the police that Samudio’s body was in a small city of Minas Gerais. However, the police have never managed to find it.


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