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Players and executives of Sport Club Internacional suggested forfeiting the Brazilian league’s last game
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Tuesday’s Chapecoense plane crash has shocked the world. The team lost 19 players, its entire coaching staff, and part of its front office. The Brazilian FA postponed all football events scheduled for this week – and the league’s final games will take place on December 11. The president of Brazilian team Internacional, however, criticized the decision as showing a “lack of emotions.” Vitorio Piffero called for an early ending of the 2016 season. Apparently, though, his reasons weren’t as noble as you might think.

Internacional currently sits at 17th position in the standings, with just one game to go. If the league were to finish early, the team would be relegated to Brazil’s second division. But Piffero is not willing to accept relegation.

After defending the cancellation of the tournament’s last matches, he declared that without playing them, the league would be “incomplete” and it would be “unfair” to relegate Internacional. Players of the team have also held a press conference, stating that they are not in an emotional conditions to play.

Naturally, the club has suffered an enormous backlash. Fans – including Internacional fans – have accused the team of trying to profit from the Chapecoense tragedy. Following the repercussions, the team released a statement saying it never tried to tamper with the Brazilian league.

Meanwhile, International filed a legal motion to take points away from Vitória, another team fighting relegation. Following Piffero’s reasoning, there is no mood for playing football in Brazil this year – but that doesn’t apply to his team’s lawyers. Talk about a lack of class . . .

Similar Cases

Throughout the week, a few companies have come under heavy criticism for how they’ve handled themselves in the aftermath of the Chapecoense tragedy.

Catraca Livre, a São Paulo-based news website, outraged Brazilian netizens with clickbait coverage of the Chapecoense plane crash. Sensationalist articles included a photo gallery of Chapecoense players taking selfies on the aircraft before their death.

A Brazilian e-commerce website was also heavily criticized for raising its prices on Chapecoense jerseys. Shortly after the accident, a team’s jersey went from costing 129 Brazilian Reals to 249.90 BRL.