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These were the first arrests under the new Brazilian Anti-terror law
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The Brazilian Federal Police have arrested a group of ten terrorists who were planning an attack during the Olympics. The group is considered to be an ISIS cell in Brazil.

 According to investigators, they were recruited through the Internet and pledged alliance to the terrorist organization. The men who were arrested lived in different states and only had contact with each other through messaging apps.

The Federal Anti-Terror Squad has monitored this group for at least ten days, and decided to arrest them after they attempted to buy an AK-47 machine gun on an illegal website run out of Paraguay. The group’s leader had also urged his fellow terrorists to begin shooting lessons and martial arts training.

It has not yet been confirmed whether or not the group is responsible for a recent threat made on social media. On Sunday, a messaging channel  called Ansar al-Khilafah Brazil, on the Russian app Telegram, had posted the following threat: “If the French police couldn’t stop attacks on its own soil, the training they gave Brazilian police forces won’t be good for anything.” The text is a reference to the collaboration between Brazilian anti-terror forces and their international counterparts.

Until today, intelligence agencies have thought that “lone wolves,” that is the individuals who act with no formal connections to terrorist groups, were the biggest threat to the Olympics.