Catholic cult performs exorcism while claims to have deal with the Devil

Brazilian Catholic cult performs exorcism while claiming to have deal with the Devil

Heralds of the Gospel have been performing unauthorized exorcisms and believe Satan will kill Pope Francis
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Dissidents of the Brazilian Catholic Cult Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) say their dead founder has a deal with the Devil. And they also claim to have been chatting with Satan during exorcisms through Plínio Correa de Oliveira, the creator of TFP. These revelations came during forbidden exorcism procedures.

In his afterlife, Plínio is supposedly manipulating the climate and working towards the murder of Pope Francis. At least, this is what the Heralds of the Gospel believe in. They also believe that Dr. Plínio – his nickname – rules from underground. The group broke away from TFP after Plínio’s death, in 1995.

Plínio Correa de Oliveira, a lawyer from São Paulo, founded TFP on July 26, 1960. Apart from being a religious organization, the TFP engaged in many political activities. It was (and still is) against communism, land reform, divorce, and abortion.

Despite his world popularity, Pope Francis is unnerving many conservative Catholics. Francis is not exactly a radical, but his declarations condemning homophobia and questioning the wealth of the Vatican are creating uneasiness.

Revelations came during exorcism

According to The Daily Beast, videos show possessed people making predictions about the fates of the world and Pope Francis. In the near future, the Devil says, a meteor will hit Earth and Francis will die while in the Vatican.

It makes sense, therefore, that the Heralds are not well-regarded by the Catholic Church. One of their major sins is to engage in conversation with the Devil during exorcisms. Official Church doctrine specifies that exorcists must not chat with evil spirits. Demons are particularly good at fooling the faithful, says the Church, and will not allow the risk.

As a matter of fact, the Catholic Church is conducting an investigation into the matter. Depending on the result, the Vatican could discredit and ban the Heralds of the Gospel.