Brazil Air Force intercepts plane with half a ton of cocaine

Brazil Air Force intercepts plane with 500 kilos of cocaine

The aircraft reportedly took off from a farm that belongs to Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture
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A Brazilian Air Force (FAB) aircraft intercepted on Sunday a small airplane carrying half a ton of cocaine. According to a FAB report, the plane took off from a farm that belongs to the company Amaggi – which belongs to Blairo Maggi, Brazil’s Minister of Agriculture.

The Minister’s press team said that he would issue a statement in the upcoming hours.

According to the Air Force, an A-29 Super Tucano intercepted the aircraft. The interception was part of Operation Ostium.

The Super Tucano pilot questioned the twin-engine pilot right after takeoff. The suspect was going from Campo Grande do Parecis (MT) to Santo Antonio Leverger (MT). Then, after the small plane ignored orders to land at Aragarças aerodrome, it was considered hostile.

Not even a warning shot convinced the pilot to comply, however. The chase then ended in a rural area. With the help of the Military Police, 500 kilos of cocaine were found.

Cocaine flying across Brazil

Unsurprisingly, this is not the first incident of this kind. In 2013, police found 445 kilos of cocaine in a helicopter. The aircraft belonged to Gustavo Perrela, a former member of the Ministry of Sports. Also, he is the son of Zezé Perrela a senator from the state of Minas Gerais.

The helicopter belonged to a company registered under the name of Gustavo Perrella, his sister, and his cousin. When police found it with exactly 445 kilos of cocaine inside, Perrella said that the pilot had taken the helicopter without authorization. Afterward, he changed his narrative and claimed instead that he had lent it to the pilot for private flights for some extra money. That was enough, of course, to convince judges that the Perrella family had nothing to do with the affair.

Gustavo Perrella was a member of the Minas Gerais State Council. The arrested pilot was an aide working in his cabinet. Moreover, Gustavo Perrella used public money to pay for helicopter fuel.

Amazing as it seems, Perrella is not the only questionable name in the Temer administration. Vanderley dos Reis Junior (a.k.a. Vandinho Pitbull) was a special aide to the Ministry of Sports. According to the website UOL, Pitbull has prior convictions for illegal possession of a firearm, possession of drugs, and double attempted murder.