Brazil Speaker Rodrigo Maia setting up post-Temer government

Brazil Speaker Rodrigo Maia already setting up his post-Temer government

Temer's government seems like an already sinking ship
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There’s still no date for the House to vote on the indictment request against President Michel Temer, but the political establishment is already getting prepared for the post-Temer era. If the House agrees to the indictment of the President, he would be suspended from office – and Speaker Rodrigo Maia would take over.

He’s already setting up his cabinet.

Maia would is poised to keep more than half of the sitting 28 cabinet members. Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles, a darling of the markets, would certainly remain.

But Maia would promote change at the positions that are closer to the President, like Chief of Staff and Secretary-General. Is not that Maia doesn’t like the politicians currently in those positions, but as both are under corruption investigations, it would be better to give the new government a fresh face.


Temer’s government already seems like a sinking ship. On Thursday, PSDB Chairman Tasso Jereissati publicly declared that the Speaker has “what it takes” to lead the country towards the 2018 elections “with some stability.”

Until recently, though, PSDB – a center-right party – decided to stay in the government coalition. Now, it seems like Temer is an afterthought.