House Committee rejects report against Temer. What does it mean?

Brazil’s House Committee rejects report against Temer. What does it mean?

Will President Temer escape criminal prosecution?
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On Thursday, Brazil’s House Committee of Justice rejected a report recommending the indictment of President Michel Temer. The win, however, came only after a series of maneuvers to change the committee’s members.

But Thursday was not only a day of victories. The government wanted to speed the process, holding the House roll call vote that will decide if the President will be indicted – and suspended from office. But the vote was scheduled for August 2. Until then, more incriminating evidence against Temer could surface.

Former House Speaker Eduardo Cunha is negotiating a plea deal. Cunha could destroy the President, since he was the one who coordinated the bribes paid to the President’s political group.

A few weeks ago, the Prosecutor General asked for the indictment of Temer for corruption. He allegedly sent his personal aide to collect bribes from a businessman.

What does Temer’s latest win mean?

All in all, it doesn’t mean that much. The only vote that counts is the House roll call vote. All 513 congressmen will be invited to vote, and two-thirds of them must agree with the indictment request for Temer to be suspended from office.

However, the win is a clear demonstration of strength. The government shows that, even embattled by corruption allegations, it still controls part of Congress.

On the other hand, Speaker Rodrigo Maia, who will replace Temer if the indictment passes in the House, has started to show some appetite for the presidential chair. By postponing the vote until August, it could favor the President’s opposition.