Justice Gilmar Mendes' institute was sponsored by JBS parent company

Justice Gilmar Mendes’ institute was sponsored by JBS parent company

JBS sponsored events promoted by the Public Law Institute
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The J&F Group, JBS’ parent company, spent 2.1 million BRL ($630,000) in sponsorships to the Public Law Institute (IDP) over the last two years. Supreme Court Justice Gilmar Mendes is one of the IDP’s owners.

The Institute claims that it has already returned 650,000 BRL after news broke that JBS executives signed plea deals detailing their participation in corruption scandals. The contract between JBS and IDP has a “moral clause.”

According to IDP, the money financed five events, funding for study groups, scholarships, and free courses.

A close relationship between Gilmar Mendes and JBS

One of the events sponsored by JBS was a conference in Portugal last April. Among the attendees were judges, politicians, and even President Michel Temer. Last week, Gilmar Mendes conducted the electoral trial that could have unseated Temer.

A week after the event, seven JBS executives closed plea deals with Federal Prosecutors.

However, this is not the only relationship that Justice Gilmar Mendes has with JBS. In May, Folha de S.Paulo revealed that Mendes’ family sells cattle to JBS in the state of Mato Grosso. Gilmar Mendes denied any wrongdoing, even though the newspaper also revealed a meeting between Joesley Batista, the company’s CEO, and the Supreme Court Justice.

JBS’ involvement in Operation Car Wash

JBS was accused of financial crimes in January this year but agreed to a plea bargain with Brazil’s Supreme Court. The leaked recording wreaked havoc on Brazil’s stock market, causing São Paulo’s Bovespa to suspend activities in order to avoid a crash.

But the Batista brothers still made a profit out of the situation. Reports say that the brothers’ purchase of billions of US dollars just before leaking the recording means they profited from the crisis that they created.

The brothers have been trying to centralize their business operations overseas for a couple of years. Almost 80 percent of their sales today are abroad. Their presence is strongest in the US, which has 56 percent of its meat processing plants and almost half of their global sales. Now, the brothers may move abroad along with their business.