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Temer’s impeachment is the one thing a polarized Brazil can agree on

Dilma's impeachment split Brazil's left and right. Temer's may just unite them
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When millions took to the streets of Brazil to call for Dilma’s impeachment last year, her supporters clapped back – hard. The process polarized Brazil to such an extent that you couldn’t wear red in the streets. Those seen out and about wearing the color of the Workers’ Party became targets for the anti-Dilma protesters. And vice versa.

Following the JBS plea deal this week, those same angry protesters back are back on the streets. But now, they are united by a single slogan: “Out with Temer”. After audio recordings were released incriminating President Temer, both Brazil’s left and right joined forces in their common hatred of corruption.

Naturally, Dilma supporters have been calling for Temer’s resignation since he took office from her last year. However, even Temer’s coalition has turned against him now. Right-wing movements Brasil Livre (MBL) and Vem Pra Rua – essential to Dilma’s impeachment – had been great support for Temer’s administration. They were, at least, a strong opposition to their opposition, if you will. Now, they’ve called for Temer’s resignation and even imprisonment, bringing their multitudes to the streets alongside the red.

Common enemy

Indeed, these movements largely fought against corruption, not just Dilma. Now that the JBS plea deal has so blatantly implicated President Temer in their kickback schemes, it’s only natural that they turn on him too.

Temer’s political coalition in Brasilia has also banded together against him. Political advisors received notice of their abandoning ship on Wednesday night, as the recordings leaked on the nightly national news. It’s no longer just the Workers’ Party politicians who want Temer out. Even Temer’s allies are calling for his resignation.

Of course, Temer stated on national television that he had no intention of resigning. But his political allies have said that if Temer doesn’t find a solution – and fast – they’ll make it impossible for him to continue as president. Meaning either impeachment or a cassated mandate. And as public pressure mounts in the streets, the calls of “Out with Temer” are definitely being heard in the capital.