9 accusations in the JBS plea deal, including Lula & Dilma's secret $150 million

9 accusations in the JBS plea deal, including Lula & Dilma’s $150 million

The accusations keep coming as Joesley Batista's deposition unfolds
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The significance of Joesley Batista’s deposition keeps growing. Not only has it thrown Temer’s presidency into flux, but Lula and Dilma now also stand accused. Here’s what we know so far about who is implicated, and how badly.

Lula and Dilma received US $150 million

JBS allegedly put money into two offshore bank accounts prior to the 2014 elections. By 2014, the combined balance of the accounts reached approximately US $150 million. Batista says that the funds supported the PT’s electoral campaign, and were ‘zeroed’ after 2014.

Dilma’s 2010 campaign

Batista said in the deposition that he paid former minister Antonio Palocci  R$30 million in 2010. As far as Batista knows, this money was to help Dilma’s 2010 campaign.

Temer asked for bribes as recently as this year

In 2017, Temer apparently asked to be persuaded to give an “undue advantage”, ending Petrobras’s natural gas monopoly. This was in JBS parent company J&F group’s interests and was not the first time. In 2014, Temer received almost 15 million reais “in exchange for the performance favorable to the interests of the J&F group.”

Temer’s interventions with the STF and BNDES

According to Batista, Temer also asked for help to intervene after Eduardo Cunha’s arrest. Specifically, he asked JBS to help with two justices in the Federal Supreme Court. In return, Temer was willing to lobby BNDES on JBS’s behalf.

Paying off the President of the Senate

Top JBS executive Ricardo Saud says that the current Senate president is another figure who took millions in bribes. Senator Eunício Oliveira reportedly received R$5 million. In return, he approved a provisional measure that dealt with the collection of corporate taxes, PIS and Cofins.

Aécio Neves’s millions in bribes

Neves received more than just the R$2 million revealed by yesterday’s leaked audio. JBS executives and owners say the senator received almost R$63 million to defend the interests of J&F group.

José Serra is another senior figure facing serious consequences

Senator José Serra reportedly received R$20 million from Batista. The money allegedly assisted Serra’s election campaign for as yet undisclosed favors.

Millions paid to Eduardo Cunha over 5 years

Batista said there was a current account system, which Cunha used to receive money between 2009 and 2014. Market operator Lúcio Funaro managed the funds, overseeing the R$50 million changing hands in that time. In exchange, Cunha facilitated financing from the Federal Savings Bank.

Joesley also said Cunha received a R$20 million payment in exchange for changing legislation surrounding employee payrolls.  For his support of the group’s business demands in Congress, Cunha collected another R$30 million.

Alexandre Padilha’s 2014 campaign finances

Ricardo Saud’s testimony also revealed that Alexandre Padilha received R$3 million in illicit campaign donations in 2014. In the same deposition, Saud also revealed that the firm gave current Minas Gerais governor Fernando Pimental R$30 million. JBS paid a further R$5 million to Senator Gleisi Hoffman, and R$ 2 million to Paraná candidate Antonio Gomide.