Brazil's Car Wash scandal reaches 41st phase for oil projects in Benin - plus55

Brazil’s Car Wash scandal reaches 41st phase for oil projects in Benin

Operation "Dry Well" investigates payments to the former Petrobras manager of international deals
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Brazil’s Car Wash scandal has reached yet another stage of the investigation Friday morning. Dubbed Operation “Dry Well” (Poço Seco), the federal police have arrested Petrobras lobbyist Jorge Luz and his son, Bruno. Authorities also took the lobbyist’s wife, Fernanda Luz, along with two others for questioning.

Police are carrying out eight search and seizure warrants in the federal capital, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. The investigation targets a series of complex financial operations made by Petrobras to its former international business manager. The payments provided funds for oil extraction in the western African nation of Benin.

In addition to crimes of corruption and fraud, the Luz family faces charges of money laundering and tax evasion.

Dry Well

Back in March of this year, Judge Sérgio Moro also condemned the former House speaker Eduardo Cunha (PMDB) to 15 years in prison for bribes paid during the purchase of the petroleum field in Benin. Petrobras made the purchase in 2011.

The name Operation “Poço Seco”, or “dry well”, refers to the poor results had from the oil project in question.