Anti-Temer protests in favor of direct elections erupt in Rio, São Paulo

Anti-Temer protests in favor of direct elections erupt in Rio and São Paulo

Protesters chanted "Diretas Já!", a slogan from the anti-dictatorship movement
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Anti-Temer protests have erupted in the center of Rio de Janeiro Thursday afternoon, calling for immediate and direct elections. People came from across the city, heeding calls to the streets on social media. Protesters are chanting “Diretas, Já!”, or “Direct elections, now!”, a slogan from an anti-dictatorship movement of the 1980s. Much like back then, protesters are calling for the people to choose their leader through open elections.

At 6pm, protesters had closed off two of Rio’s major avenues – Presidente Vargas and Central do Brasil. Banners everywhere read “Fora Temer”, or “Out with Temer”. In addition to pro-labor banners from the CTB, UJS, PCdoB, and CUT, the left-wing coalition movement Povo Sem Medo is present.

Collective anger

The protest surged after President Temer made his announcement that he would not be resigning. Moreover, shouts and panelaços against Temer rang out throughout the richer regions of the city.

Last night, protests also erupted across the rest of Brazil following the news of the JBS plea deal directly implicating Temer in the corruption scandal. São Paulo and Brasilia witnessed especially heated protests.

São Paulo

Unions have also staged a protest on São Paulo’s Paulista Avenue. Demonstrators partially occupied the avenue, calling for Temer’s resignation and new, direct presidential elections.