Temer and Trump to meet in 2017, confirms Brazilian Ambassador to US - plus55

Temer and Trump to meet in 2017, confirms Brazilian ambassador to US

The meeting will likely take place during the UN General Assembly in September
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In an event at George Washington University, Brazilian ambassador Sérgio Amaral confirmed a meeting between the two countries’ presidents. Furthermore, Amaral assured the relations between presidents Trump and Temer “are very good”.

The ambassador described the two phone conversations so far held between the presidents as “very positive”. In addition to discussing a bilateral agenda, the presidents will discuss potential regional solutions to the Venezuelan crisis. The solution, Amaral assures, will be “pacific”.

Trade deficit

Moreover, the ambassador emphasized that Brazil’s trade deficit with the US would not affect diplomatic relations. In fact, Amaral stated that Brazil’s deficit did not figure on POTUS’s “problems”. Rather, Amaral went so far as to deny any efforts to lower the country’s deficit, implying that the deficient relationship was positive. In 2016, Brazil’s trade deficit with the U.S. came in at $4.1 billion.

While most perceive deficits as negative, the ambassador rejects this notion in regards to Brazil.

“What we have to do is become more competitive, export more but also import more,” said Amaral at the event in D.C. “By importing, we increase our capacity to be competitive.”