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Bruno Júlio wants one prison massacre per week
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On Thursday, President Michel Temer infuriated many when he called a prison massacre in northern Brazil a “dreadful accident.” And just a day later, another member of the government screwed up when discussing the case. National Youth Secretary Bruno Júlio said to Huff Post Brasil that the problem with prison massacres is that “there aren’t enough of them.” During his interview, he said:

“I’m pretty conservative. I’m a cop’s son, right? There should be more killings. There should be one massacre per week. That’s what bums me out. Look at all the attention this prison this has gotten; nobody talks about the girls that died in Campinas. They didn’t do anything wrong but screw them. The angels were inside [the prisons], men who raped and killed. ‘Oh, poor guys, they didn’t do anything.’ Come on, guys! This politically correctness is turning Brazil into a boring country.”

After the outrageous statement, Bruno Júlio resigned from his position. The government, obviously, didn’t fight to persuade him into staying. Before stepping down, however, Júlio tried to contradict Huff Post‘s report. Unfortunately for him, the website published the raw audio.

Listen to it, in Portuguese:

Two prison massacres in five days

On January 1st, a prison riot in Amazonas ended with the death of 56 inmates. Many had their heads severed. The massacre was the result of a conflict between the São Paulo-based First Command of the Capital (PCC) cartel and Família do Norte (FDN), a local gang. Most of the dead inmates belonged to PCC.

Five days later, PCC stroke back. A new riot erupted in a Roraima prison. This time, 33 inmates lost their lives.

Sunday’s massacre was the second-deadliest in Brazilian history. Friday’s was the third-deadliest.