Operation Carwash Names President Temer Enemy Number One -plus55


"Operation Carwash" prosecutors believe Temer's administration is behind attempts to curb Brazil's largest anti-corruption investigation in history
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Brazil’s Operation Carwash prosecutors are doing everything they can to take down President Temer’s government. Prosecutors believe Temer himself is behind the National Congress initiatives to curb operations, such as distorting in the anti-corruption law. According to prosecutors, congressmen wouldn’t have dared incorporate such lenient measures in the anti-corruption bill without Temer’s support.

Indeed, prosecutors already declared “war on Congress” in a press conference. But now the president himself has made it to the top of their hit list. Political columnist Mônica Bergamo published the news this morning, citing an inside source.

President Under Fire

The headlines come after Brazilian contractor Odebrecht named over 20 politicians in a massive bribery scheme as part of a plea deal this weekend. As a result of this corruption scheme, Temer supposedly gained 10 million BRL in “contributions” to his Social Democratic Party (PMDB).

The latest accusations top off an ongoing investigation of illegal campaign funds in the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). While originally scheduled for the end of this year, one of the justices decided to hold his vote until early 2017. Due to the postponement, the most recent corruption accusations can strengthen the case against the current head of state.

If condemned, President Temer could have his current mandate annulled.