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Odebrecht confirms paying bribes to President Michel Temer

Businessman Marcelo Odebrecht has confirmed that Temer requested $3.3 million in “undeclared” funds
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Since taking office back in May, President Michel Temer has led an administration riddled with bad news and corruption allegations. Even when the government gets a win, as with the approval of the federal spending cap in both congressional houses, it is overshadowed by new corruption scandals. This time, the President himself is at the center of the accusations. Marcelo Odebrecht, the former CEO of Latin’s America’s largest construction company, has confirmed that Temer asked for “undeclared” funds.

77 former Odebrecht executives have signed a plea deal to help investigations into corruption schemes within Petrobras. Last week, one of them revealed that he delivered $3.3 million in cash to a close friend of the President’s. According to Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, former CEO Marcelo Odebrecht made a three-hour statement on Monday, during which he confirmed the donation.

Temer and Odebrecht agreed upon the transaction during a 2014 dinner held at the Vice-Presidential Palace. Temer was the one who chose the payment conditions.

The scandal involving Temer could spell doom for his controversial administration. While he hasn’t yet lost Congress, part of his coalition has already jumped ship. Right-wing Senator Ronaldo Caiado, one of the fiercest supporters of Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment, has declared this week that Temer should resign for the sake of the country.

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Besides Marcelo Odebrecht, his father Emílio will help the investigation. The patriarch of the company will explain its relations with previous federal administrations. The father-son duo was responsible for negotiating donations and compensations with the Executive branch of the government.

Emílio Odebrecht has already declared that his company built a World Cup stadium as a gift for former President Lula. The stadium is owned by Corinthians, Lula’s beloved team, and was a sort of ‘thank you’ for the former President’s help during his two terms (2003-2010).

During the Workers’ Party’s era of power, Odebrecht’s turnover rose from $5.2 billion to $40 billion.