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New member of government had helicopter with 500kg of cocaine

Gustavo Perrella was named Brazil’s new National Secretary for Football. But in 2013, a helicopter in his name was found with almost half a ton of cocaine
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The Michel Temer administration can’t seem to keep itself away from controversy. Actually, regarding those who have been named to public office, we could argue that the interim government actually embraces them. So far, three ministers have lost their jobs after being accused of either trying to sabotage anti-corruption investigations, or of partaking in corruption probes. Gustavo Perrella, the newest member of the Ministry of Sports, has brought a new kind of suspicion to the cabinet: in 2013, his helicopter was found by the police containing nearly 500 kilos of cocaine. 445 kilos, to be exact.

445. Kilos. Of cocaine.

The helicopter belongs to a company registered under the name of Gustavo Perrella, his sister, and his cousin. When police found it with exactly 445 kilos of cocaine inside, Perrella said that the pilot had taken the helicopter without authorization. Afterwards, he changed his narrative and claimed instead that he had lent it to the pilot for private flights, you know, for some extra money. That was enough to convince judges that the Perrella family had nothing to do with the affair.

Gustavo Perrella is a member of the Minas Gerais State Council, and father is a senator. The arrested pilot was registered as an aide working in his cabinet. Gustavo Perrella additionally used public money to pay for helicopter fuel. Still, he apparently had little knowledge of what was being done with his chopper.

Amazing as it seems, Perrella is not the only questionable name to join the Temer administration today. Vanderley dos Reis Junior (a.k.a. Vandinho Pitbull) was named a special aide to the Ministry of Sports. According to the website UOL, Pitbull has prior convictions for illegal possession of a firearm, possession of drugs, and double attempted murder.