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Violance marks rally for Donald Trump in Brazil

Four people were arrested during an event supporting the Republican candidate for President of the U.S.
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Just over a week before the United States presidential election, a group of Brazilian right-wingers decided to hold an event in support for Donald Trump in Brazil. Just like any Trump rally worth its name, the act resulted in violence against political adversaries, and the Brazilian police arrested four people.

More than 800 people had confirmed their attendance, although only 30 showed up to Paulista Avenue – and there were almost as many journalists to cover the “event.” Trump supporters were dressed in shirts showing the picture of Congressman Jair Bolsonaro, who is often compared to Trump for his homophobic and bigoted rants, and held signs saying: “Hillary is the American Dilma.” There was even a speech delivered in English, although not quality English, as one might have expected. Needless to say, the demonstrators didn’t mention the fact that the Trump Organization is under investigation in Brazil.

Just an hour after the “rally” started, around 30 anti-fascist demonstrators began to rival with the Trump supporters. It didn’t take long for both groups to throw punches at each other. The police intervened, and arrested four anti-Trump demonstrators. No Trump fans were arrested, however.

The “Brazilians for Trump” group is so small and insignificant that it is hard to comment on this piece of news. First and foremost, why should a group of Brazilians gather to support a racist and xenophobic man who was caught on tape boasting that he “grabs women by the p***y?” And let’s not forget that Trump wants to build a gigantic wall separating the United States from Latin America. Guess what, everyone? We are supposed to stay on this side of the wall!

By the way, how will this public display of  debauchery help Trump acquire the 270 electoral votes he would need to become the new President of the United States? According to FiveThirtyEight, the Republican nominee has only an 18 percent chance of winning the election.

Also – Hillary is the American Dilma Rousseff? The former Brazilian President was part of revolutionary communist groups that fought the military dictatorship. Hillary Clinton has been heavily criticized in the U.S. for her ties to Wall Street – not exactly a bastion of communism.