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Brazil’s meat scandal: best memes

Humor is the Brazilian way to cope with frustration
Brazil Meat Scandal

On Friday, it became public that Brazil’s meat producers sold spoiled beef. The Federal Police even claimed that they sold poultry with cardboard fragments. Brazilians reacted the only way they could: by cracking jokes on the internet.

The country is famous for its capacity to make jokes about any situation, no matter how awful it is. In fact, the worse a situation is, the more we joke about it. Making fun is Brazil’s favorite coping mechanism, and it wasn’t any different with the meat scandal that erupted on Friday.

After all, meat is a central part of the Brazilian diet. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the best internet memes about Brazil’s meat scandal.

“Smell that? It’s cardboard!”

The website Sensacionalista, Brazil’s answer to The Onion, publish an article called: “Print here your barbecue for the weekend.”

brazil's meat scandal best memes funny

The tweet on the left shows the “true” Friboi chicken barbecue. The image on the right is an “exclusive image” of Friboi’s meat stock.

brazil's meat scandal best memes funny poultry exports

“Eating a delicious Friboi hamburger.”

brazil's meat scandal best memes funny poultry exports

The best Brazilian chicken!

brazil's meat scandal best memes funny poultry exports

Jokes aside, the scandal could cause a collapse of Brazil’s meat industry – one of the cornerstones of our economy. Companies lost almost $2 billion in value on Friday alone. Meanwhile, the European Union has threatened to suspend imports from Brazil.