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The Mormon missionary disarmed his attacker and threw the gun over a fence

mormon missionary brazil

In a viral Facebook video posted this week, two men on motorcycles attack Mormon missionaries standing outside of the Latter-Day Saints Church in Manaus, northern Brazil. However, the attackers are in for a surprise when one Mormon missionary disarms his assailant.

He then points the gun back at his attacker, who backs off. But the attacker’s partner gets off his motorcycle and tries to grab the gun back. The missionary holds him off and throws the gun over a fence. The two men start to wrestle and throw punches down the street until the assailants flee. Meanwhile, a nearby policeman saunters after the fighting pair.

Watch the whole scene unfold in the Facebook video here.

According to the church, both missionaries are safe. The poster of the Facebook video believes the missionary to be American. The Latter-Day Saints church website states there are over 1.3 million Mormons in Brazil. The religion was founded in Brazil by a German immigrant in 1913.