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Brazilian butt queen Gretchen stars in Katy Perry video

Perry invited the 58-year-old dancer after she saw the many memes displaying her derrière
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Yesterday, Katy Perry unveiled her new video “Swish Swish”. And, to Brazilian’s surprise, the star was none other than Gretchen, the self-proclaimed “Brazilian butt queen”. Perry invited the 58-year-old dancer after she saw the many memes our queen is in.

Gretchen has also become a sort of internet queen involuntarily. Her facial expressions during a reality show became a favorite way to express emotions on the internet.

But, on the lyric video, the Brazilian butt queen does what she knows best: dances. She became famous in the 80s with hits that shook the dancefloor. On TV, Gretchen would always steal the show with bold moves. Most of the time, of course, they involved her derriere in some way.

You can watch “Swish Swish” below:

Butts are a big deal in Brazil

Since the 1970s, female artists who became famous thanks to this part of their bodies dominate pop culture in Brazil. During the era of the disco, two dancers, Gretchen and Rita Cadillac, fought for the title as “Brazil’s Butt Queen.” They were present in the imagination of Brazilians for so long that both have starred in hugely successful porn films, at nearly 60 years old.

Lately, we have seen the emergence of the so-called “fruit women:” dancers and models who choose artistic names using fruit as metaphors for their body shapes. “Watermelon Woman” refers to a large bottom. Whereas the “Pear Woman” claims her body is shaped like the fruit.  And so on. They are on TV shows, ads and become instant sub-celebrities. The intensive use of plastic surgery and their fitness drive gave origin to a mean-spirited joke. They are, the joke says, “genetically modified fruits.”

And of course, we can’t forget the internationally-famous Miss Bumbum (literally Miss Butt), a contest whose sole purposes is to judge a woman’s bottom. In its 6th edition, the pageant received more than 5,000 candidates this year from across Brazil.

Competition is so fierce that in October 2015, one of the contestants tried to kill herself by overdosing on pills after finding out that she had been disqualified.

plus55 tried to discuss the incident with the organizers of the Miss Bumbum pageant, who responded bluntly by email: “The contest has, as its ‘primary material,’ the human being. Twenty-seven women with dreams. We regret the incident, but unfortunately, it is a competition, with winners and losers.” Talk about showing some sensitivity.