Brazil’s private universities fall behind in higher education rankings

Brazil’s private universities fall behind in higher education rankings

Brazil’s public universities remain at the top of the country's rankings
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Today, Brazil’s Ministry of Education (MEC) released its university rankings, indicating the overall best higher education institutes in the country. But the rankings show that Brazil’s private universities across Brazil are failing to match the standards set by federal and state universities.

Only four private universities are within the MEC’s top 50. Meanwhile, there are 37 federal universities and nine state universities. The State University of Campinas found itself at the top of the MEC’s table, gaining the number one spot in the latest rankings. However, the highest ranking private university is PUC-Rio, in 20th place.

The rankings are in the MEC’s General Index of Courses (IGC), which evaluates the quality of higher education institutes in Brazil. The lower number of state universities in the rankings is due to some not participating in the Enade (National Student Performance Exam).

Brazil’s centre-west region’s universities on top

Minas Gerais state streaked ahead, with its federal and state universities taking up ten of the fifty spots. Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul both had four institutions in the table. Meanwhile São Paulo was the next leading state, with three institutions.

Ceará, Federal District, Pernambuco, Paraná, Rio Grande do Norte and Santa Catarina states all had two universities in the table. Bahia, Espírito Santo, Goiás and Paraíba also found themselves with a federal or state institution in the top 50.

Brazil’s Private universities falling behind

Although four private higher education institutions are growing in numbers across Brazil, they are falling behind in rankings. The Pontifical Catholic Universities in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul gained places in the MEC’s rankings. In 29th place, Rio Grande do Sul’s Unisinos was the lowest ranking private institution in the top 50.

However, other private faculties that fall into a different category for the MEC remain among the world’s best institutions. The Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) universities in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are two of Brazil’s best private universities. The ITA (Technological Institute of Aeronautics) in São Paulo state is also considered a leader in its field.