How Brazilians deal with political crisis: Internet memes

How Brazilians deal with political crisis: memes

Brazilians reacted to the country's latest political crisis the best way they could: through internet memes
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Brazil’s 3-year long political crisis just got a somber chapter on Wednesday. Brazilians found out that a businessman secretly taped President Michel Temer while discussing juicy subjects like tampering with investigations and paying bribes to former congressmen.

How did Brazilians react? While thousands in Rio, São Paulo, and Brasília have taken to the streets to ask for Temer’s resignation, others did what Brazilians do better than anyone: internet memes.

In fact, from the Olympic terrorist plot to the recent meat scandal, everything is meme material in Brazil. Here’s our selection of the best ones coming out of this last crisis.

House of Cards

The first meme to go viral came from the official House of Cards twitter account. The series acknowledged that the political intrigue in the show is no match for Brazilian politics. “Hard to compete with.”

house of cards brazil political scandal

Ottawan – D.I.S.C.O. 1980

By all means, Temer wasn’t the only politician hit by the scandal. Senator Aécio Neves was also taped, and got caught asking for 2 million BRL from a businessman. That led the Supreme Court to suspend Neves from the Senate. On the internet, people asked: who did the 2 million belong to?

De Aécio. (Aécio’s)

“I hope it falls off”

Brazilians call strapless dresses tomara que caia – or “I hope it falls off.” So guess what the look of the day was?

Brazil in a nutshell

“What’s going on? What’s going on?” – “I don’t know! I don’t know”

Get in, Temer

Over the past year, millions have said: “Out with Temer.” Not this guy, though. You can read here: “Get in, Temer.”

Lula and Dilma

How Lula and Dilma Rousseff reacted to this latest political crisis:

A desperate request

Brazil could find itself with the 3rd president in less than one year. But this guy already knows who he wants. “Obama, come be Brazil’s President.”