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Missing student Bruno Borges left behind a mystical archive of encrypted works

The missing youth's room was filled with handwritten books in code
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The internet exploded this week with the story of a missing 24-year-old student, Bruno Borges. His parents reported him missing last week after returning from a long vacation. But what they found left behind in his room shocked them more than his actual disappearance.

A video of Borges’ room – filled with secret codes and 14 encrypted books – has gone viral. Oh, and there’s also a life-size statue of the 16th-century philosopher Giordano Bruno in the middle of his room. Watch the video here.

According to the student’s father, they bought the statue for about $2,241. The philosopher believed that every star was in itself a sun with planets with life in orbit around it. However, his theories of alien life got him burned during the Inquisition.

The young student prided himself on resembling the philosopher and strove to carry out his theories.

Borges lived in a middle-class neighborhood in the capital of the western Brazilian state of Acre. His mother said that before they left on vacation, there was nothing out of the ordinary in her son’s room. However, during their time away, Bruno transformed his room into the cell of mystical messages seen in the video.

In fact, before his parents’  vacation, Bruno had asked them for money in order to patent his ideas. He told his family that he had discovered a theory that would forever change humanity for the better. But his parents denied him the financial support.

Although the civil police are working on his case, they have little to go off of that would help in tracking him down. His father posted a video promising his son that he would finance the publication of his books, if he would only return home.