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Brazilians hold 15th most powerful passport in the world

Brazilians can travel to 144 countries without a visa
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Brazilians hold one of the most powerful passports in the world. According to Global Passport’s online rankings of the world’s passports, Brazil ranks 15th.

The top countries are mostly European, with Germany as the number one passport. Germans can travel to 160 countries without a visa. The Swedish come in second with 159 countries, and a number of EU member countries follow in third with 158. Singapore also ties for third place with 158 countries. The U.S. and South Korea tie with the rest of the EU member states in 4th place.

The last ranked passport country is Afghanistan. Afghans can only travel to 23 countries without additional visa authorization.

Brazil’s visa policy

Brazil’s visa regulations have generally followed a policy of reciprocity. Meaning, if your country requires Brazilians to obtain travel visas, your citizens will also need to acquire travel authorization to come to Brazil.

However, during the 2016 Rio Olympics, Brazil allowed certain major tourist countries to enter without visas. Thus, regardless of other countries’ policies, Australians, Americans, Japanese, and Canadians could all visit Brazil without visas for one summer.

Brazil’s Tourism Minister hopes to extend this visa exemption for economic gain, but the Foreign Affairs Minister said he’ll be sticking to tradition instead.