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15 mouth-watering Brazilian sweets you can’t get anywhere else

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While Brazilian cuisine isn’t very popular abroad, we definitely think it should be. The Latin American giant has such a diversity of regional tastes, each reflecting its local heritage. And Brazilian sweets are one delicious way to get to know local foods. Here’s a list of some of our favorite desserts from Brazil, to get your mouth watering.

1. Bolo de Laranja

orange cake brazilian sweets

Brazilians love a slice of this sweet, citrus-y orange cake for breakfast or for dessert with their coffee.

2. Paçoca

paçoca brazilian sweets

Forget peanut butter! Brazilians adore this crumbly peanut dessert, sold in squares or packed into festive balls for parties.

3. Açai

açai brazilian sweets

A list of Brazilian desserts wouldn’t be complete without the famous açai. Picked from Brazil’s northern Amazon region, the açai berries mix with guaraná sweetener to make a cool alternative to ice cream on a hot, tropical day. Brazilians love to top off their açai with granola, bananas, paçoca, coconut, or condensed milk. Or hell, with all of the above!

4. Pamonha

pamonha brazilian sweets

If you see a steaming street cart in Brazil, it’s likely selling these delicious corn paddies called “pamonhas”. Made from ground corn and steamed in corn leaves, this Brazilian sweet hits the spot and fills any hungry belly.

5. Goiabada

goiabada brazilian sweets

Like any tropical country, Brazil has its fair share of gauva fruits. Condensing the fruits into a thick paste, Brazilians love to pair a slice of goiabada with cheese. That’s right, cheese.

6. Quindim

quindim brazilian sweets

Quindim is a Brazilian spin-off of a Portuguese dessert. In it goes eggs, condensed milk, and shaved coconut.

7. Cocada

cocada brazilian sweets

Speaking of coconut, we couldn’t forget the cocada! In fact, we love cocada so much we already provided a delicious recipe for those who want to try this coconut sweet at home.

8. Canjica

canjica brazilian sweets

Made from a regional type of thick corn grain, the canjica can be made into a savory or sweet soup. With cinnamon and clover, the sweet canjica soup is like a heartier version of your favorite rice pudding.

9. Cuscuz de tapioca

cuscuz tapioca brazilian sweets

Traditionally from Brazil’s northeast, this sweet tapioca dessert is made from manioc flour.

10. Rabanada
rabanada brazilian sweets

Nothing quite says a Brazilian Christmas like rabanada, a deep-fried, cinnamon sugar French toast. Last holiday season we also provided our recipe for those who want to fry up this delicious treat at home.

11. Beijinho

beijinho coconut brazilian sweets

Little balls of coconut goodness, necessary at any Brazilian party or social gathering.

12. Brigadeiro

brigadeiros brazilian party sweets

Arguably the most famous and beloved of Brazilian sweets, the brigadeiro. Made with chocolate and condensed milk, and rolled up in chocolate sprinkles for that slight crunch in every chewy bite.

13. Bis

oreo bis brazilian sweets

These chocolate wafers come in all kinds of flavors, from traditional milk chocolate to creamy white Oreo.

14. Cajuzinho

cajuzinho brazilian sweets

Another Brazilian party staple, the cajuzinho are little cashew balls rolled up in thick sugar crystals.

15. Bolo de cenoura

carrot cake brazil

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking. Carrot cake is not just a Brazilian thing. Except that here in Brazil, we put chocolate frosting on our carrot cake. Yes, carrots and chocolate. Try it before you hate it.

Now it’s your turn to tell us: what’s your favorite Brazilian dessert?