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10 reality TV shows that Brazilians love to hate

How many of these have you watched?
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Between cooking or singing competitions to the lives of the rich and famous, sometimes it feels like reality TV is the only kind of entertainment left. And in Brazil, reality TV shows are extremely popular. They’re also extremely incestuous, as one personality typically becomes famous on one show and is then quickly picked up by another. In addition to remakes of American classics like Masterchef and The Voice, Brazil has a trashy slew of its own reality TV programs. Here’s our list of 10 reality TV shows that Brazilian fans will know and love to hate.

1. Big Brother Brasil

bbb reality tv shows

Fans refer to this show as just “BBB” – that’s how much they talk about it. The basic idea is to trap a bunch of young and beautiful people in a house with cameras. No connection to the outside world whatsoever. Meanwhile, watchers vote on who gets to stay. The final of the 10th season broke the world record for viewer participation on a reality TV show, with 154 million votes.

2. No Limite

no limite survivor brazil

Based off the idea of American show “Survivor”, No Limite (At the Limit) was the first program of the reality genre in Brazil. It ran from 2000 to 2009 on the channel Globo.

3. The Voice Brasil

the voice kids reality TV brazil

The Brazilian version of The Voice, the singing competition selects from wannabe stars. Even more beloved is The Voice Kids, because who doesn’t love watching cute kids sing and dance.

4. A Fazenda

a fazenda the farm brazil tv

Produced by Record and based off a Swedish show of the same concept, “A Fazenda” or “The Farm” sends a ton of celebrities to the countryside to do farm work. That’s about it. The show had 8 seasons running from 2009 to 2015.

5. Superstar

superstar brazil tv

Amateur and up-and-coming bands perform on Globo to a voting audience to see who will get the next hot record deal.

6. Power Couple

power couple tv brasil

Based off an Israeli show of the same concept, Power Couple Brasil presents eight couples in one house facing challenges to see which pair knows each other the best.

7. Busão do Brasil

busão do brasil reality tv

Inspired by “The Bus”, a program shown in Belgium, Spain, and Holland, Busão do Brasil confines 12 people to one bus as it travels to 16 different cities across Brazil. The participants play different games in each city that portray local regional culture and landscapes.

8. Mulheres Ricas

mulheres ricas

The luxurious lives of rich Brazilian women, from parties to shopping and fancy trips.

9. Hipertensão

hipertensão reality tv brazil

Three men and three women have to complete three professional tasks to win 50,000 BRL.

10. Masterchef Brasil

masterchef brasil jiang

Taken from the American concept, Masterchef Brasil is the king of all cooking shows. Brazilians love this show, creating huge social media followings for their favorite participants. Again, the Masterchef “Kids” version is equally as beloved.

So there you have it, some of Brazil’s best and worst reality TV. Cebora assistir?