Only Half of Minas Gerais Population Received Yellow Fever Vaccine

Only half of Minas Gerais population received yellow fever vaccine

Brazil experiences its worst yellow fever outbreak since 2000
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For the past ten years, municipalities in the state of Minas Gerais have ignored evidence of the advances of yellow fever. Over that period, only 49.7 percent of the state’s population was vaccinated against the disease.

It explains why Minas Gerais experiences a yellow fever outbreak in 2017. Since the beginning of the year, there were 69 cases of infection – with 38 deaths – in 18 cities. There are also 397 suspect cases.

Authorities registered other four cases – one in Espírito Santo and three in São Paulo. They add up to Brazil’s worst yellow fever outbreak since 2000. Back then, 85 people were infected.

The Ministry of Health recommends the vaccination of all persons in 19 Brazilian states. “The rise of yellow fever cases is a result of the lack of immunization,” researcher Pedro Tauil, from the University of Brasília, told Folha de S.Paulo.

Vaccination campaign

Brazil’s Ministry of Health has announced the distribution of 11.5 million doses of the yellow fever vaccine. According to the director of the Communicable Diseases Department, there is no shortage of the vaccine. “Adults, however, tend to go less to the doctor and are not up to date on their vaccines,” said Eduardo Hage.

88 percent of all infected people are between 30 and 55.