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It is already the third-deadliest massacre in a Brazilian prison
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new prison riot has broken in Northern Brazil. This time, the rebellion took place in the Agricultural Penitentiary of Monte Cristo, the largest in the state of Roraima. State authorities informed that 33 inmates died after the conflict, but gave no further information.

This latest riot happened just five days after the second-deadliest prison massacre in Brazilian history. On Sunday, 56 inmates died after a confrontation between rival gangs. Three days ago, the state government of Amazonas issued an alert to neighboring states of the risk of new rebellions.

The Roraima riot is already the third-deadliest massacre in a Brazilian prison – trailing behind the Carandiru massacre (1992), and Sunday’s rebellion.

UPDATE: According to state officials, this new massacre was orchestrated by the São Paulo-based PCC cartel. It was a retaliation for the slaughtering of its members in Amazonas.

There is still no information regarding the possible escape of inmates from the prison. According to state authorities, “the situation is under control.”

We will update this report throughout the day.

October Prison Riot

The Monte Cristo prison houses roughly 1,4000 inmates, nearly twice its capacity.

Back in October, it was the stage for yet another deadly prison riot. At the time, a conflict erupted during visiting hours. Inmates held about 100 relatives of prisoners hostage, mostly women and children. In fact, the inmates released the hostages unharmed after negotiating with the police; however, 10 prisoners were killed.