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Brazilians love their "salgadinhos"
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If you’re craving a salty snack, have no fear – these Brazilian “salgadinhos” have got you covered. You can find them anywhere in Brazil, from the supermarket shelves to newspaper stands on the street. While Brazilians love these colorful, hyper-industrialized snacks, non-Brazilians often find them to be pretty weird. Just check out this video of Americans trying Brazilian snacks.

Curious yet? Here’s our list of 12 unique Brazilian junk food snacks, or “salgadinhos”.

Biscoito de polvilho

biscoito de polvilho

Polvilho biscuits are probably the healthiest option of all Brazilian snacks. Made from mandioca starch, these salty, cheese-flavored biscuits can be bought or homemade.


cebolitos brazilian snacks

Baked corn snacks in the shape and flavor of onion rings. Pretty much impossible not to be addictive. Cebolitos are part of the Brazilian company of Frito Lay, by the name of Elma Chips, a subsidiary of PepsiCo. If there’s a junk food you love in Brazil, Elma Chips sells it.



Also made from corn, these baked snacks come in the crunchy shape of shells. They feature junk food flavors unique to Brazil, like “ham”, “corn cake”, “strawberry”, and “stinky feet”. Yes, you read that correctly, Brazilians actually buy “stinky feet” flavored junk food. In Brazil you can eat these corn chips with the “chulézenta” flavor, literally translating to “person with stinky feet”.



These fried bacon-flavored curls consist of flour, mandioca starch, and meat extract. Don’t hate until you’ve tried it.

Picanha-flavored chips

picanha flavor

When it comes to Brazilian junk food, you can pretty much find anything in the “picanha” flavor. “Picanha” is a special cut of beef with the perfect percentage of fat content that Brazilians love to throw on the barbecue.


torcida brazilian snacks

Torcida, what Brazilians call their football fan clubs, is also the name of these tiny fried bread squares. They come in colorful packets and many flavors, including pizza, Mexican chili, barbecue, and of course, “picanha”.

Club social

club social brazilian snacks

If you went to public school in Brazil, you’ve probably eaten tons of these salty crackers at snack time. While schools normally hand out the classic flavor, Club Social also comes in the junk food flavors typical to Brazil: ham, pizza, etc.


brazilian pretzel

Made by Elma Chips, Stiksy are pretzel sticks perfect for drying out your mouth on a hot day.

Pingo d’ouro

pingo d'ouro brazilian snacks

Also an Elma Chips classic and childhood favorite, we present to you the Pingo d’ouro, or “drop of gold”. These are mini fried bread circles that also come in the standard variety of junk food flavors.


pipocas brazil canjica

A particularly Brazilian kind of popcorn, these popped snacks come from hominy corn. Unlike movie popcorn, these street snacks come in a unique, puffy “C” shape. You can get them sweet or salty.


torresmo brazilian pork fat

Get ready for a salty blast of pig fat. Torresmo are deep-fried strips of pork fat, cut into crunchy, oily, bite-size pieces. If you’re too lazy to fry them up in the kitchen, you can find them in packages in any Brazilian supermarket or street stand.


sensações brazilian snacks

For the “gourmet” junk food lover, you’ve got Sensações, meaning “sensations”. Basically a more expensive, hyped-up version of potato chips. They come in fancy flavors, like “grilled chicken”, “baked beef”, “onion and soy sauce”, and even “champagne” – you know, for that special occasion.